Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Resident

Daughter's home is getting another new resident, and it is another woman moving out of her old home.  Her case manager has both homes, and is continuing to move people out, which means things haven't approved since Daughter moved out.  Daughter is not thrilled about the woman who will be moving in.  Daughter considers her difficult.  Of course, there are many who consider Daughter difficult, and I'm among them. 

She was dreading going to her program today, but this evening she told me she used her voice and spoke to a staff member about the man who she felt was harassing her.  She is satisfied with the plan to deal with it.  It's nice to have her dealing things without my help.

We had an interesting conversation this morning-- one of her friends wants to get an apartment with Daughter.  I asked her if she thought she was ready, and she said she wanted to try.  I finally asked her how it would have worked if she'd given Older Birth Brother that address-- who would have stopped him from seeing her?  She decided maybe she isn't ready....

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