Thursday, June 13, 2013

Daughter, the Soloist

Daughter signed up for special music last Sunday.  Administrative Assistant helped her pick the best song for her range.  Our sound guru stood by and adjusted the volume on her CD and her mic.   Her mic was down pretty low by the end of the song.  So this morning Daughter goes to find the sign-up sheet for special music.  She brought it in and showed me.  She'd signed up for this Sunday.  I informed her she could only do one solo a year. She got mad, and proceeded to pout. 

I went into my study and found her pouting on my sofa.  I informed her that if she wanted a job, she'd best learn to work through her disappointments, because pouting would get her fired.  Of course that just increased her drama.  She decided to walk home.  Of course it was too far, so I told her that wasn't a good idea.

Eventually she turned it around.  She helped take down tables downstairs, did a bunch of shredding, and was generally helpful.  She's helping with the kids' program at church tomorrow night, and we have a baseball game Saturday, so the plan is for me to pick her up tomorrow evening for the weekend.  I've already told her an attitude will earn her a quick trip home....

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