Sunday, June 23, 2013

Daughter's Memory

Daughter has a fantastic memory when it comes to my phone numbers.  We've moved twice, and each time I got three new phone numbers-- home, church, cell.  Each time she has found the numbers (I didn't think she necessarily needed them all) and memorized them immediately. 

I wish she could transfer that same skill to memorizing her passwords on the computer.  Over a year ago I set her up with a new password for iTunes.  I set her up a new email account, because the previous one she had set up for herself, and hadn't put my email address in as a rescue address.  I wrote down the usernames and passwords.  She lost them. 

Today I reset the gmail password and then, once I could get into that, was able to go in and reset the iTunes password.  She has put them on stickers on the computer she uses here at the house.  I have put them in a file on my computer.  She's grateful, and I'm grateful, because she did quite a bit of cleaning around the house yesterday evening and today.  I'm going to get her an iTunes gift card to put on her account.  She'll be happy. 

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