Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hard Conversation

Daughter came home with me after church and did some cleaning for me.  She did not want to go home.  She is frustrated with her life.  She wants to get a real job.  She wants to live independently in her own apartment.  She feels like she's stuck.  We have these conversations every so often, and they are always hard.  Always. 

I was able to tell her that Administrative Assistant and I were talking about her on Friday.  I told her we were impressed by how much she has grown and matured since she moved out of my house.  I pointed out that she is now at the workshop 4 days a week.  When we moved here, we decided she couldn't handle it at all.  When she started at the workshop, one day a week was overwhelming.  She acknowledged this, and told me it doesn't feel like she's making progress. 

She was once again saying she'd prefer to live with me.  Not happening.  There are times when my heart aches for her.  It's hard.  Today was even harder because I am so tired.  I was so tired I probably shouldn't have been driving.  But I got her home safely, and now I'm in for the evening....

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