Sunday, June 16, 2013

Drama and Recovery

I think I'm about back to normal.  I'm working closet to my normal hours.  It feels good. 

Daughter was with me all weekend, and was not in the best of moods.  Finally, as we headed to the minor league ball park for a church outing, she told me what was wrong.  She had a new boyfriend.  He had informed her he had made reservations and was taking her out to dinner at a certain time.  He didn't ask her.  He didn't check to see if the date and time worked for her.  She informed him she wasn't available.  She identified the fact that he wasn't showing her respect, and it was reminiscent of her Oldest Birth Brother.  She decided to tell him she wasn't interested in him and ask him to stop calling.  She then acknowledged that life was easy and she was happier when she didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't seeking one.  Maybe that acknowledgement will get us a few months of peace....

The game last night was pretty bad.  As a pastor of a congregation attending the game, I was introduced on the field.  There was also a pastor's reception on the suite level, which was nice.  The game was pretty bad-- lots of errors.  The home team was soundly defeated.  Following the game they had fireworks, and that was pretty nice.  If you leave out the ball game it was a good evening.

A friend from seminary showed up in worship this morning.  We had a wonderful visit.  I last saw him 4 years ago at a conference.  His oldest daughter is close to 30.  I remember when she was born.  How did I get to be this old????

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