Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daughter's Disability

Daughter has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  Her speech center wasn't stimulated when she was an infant, so she has trouble comprehending the spoken word.  That's why she prefers a written list of chores to a spoken list.  Her receptive language skills test out at a 3 year old level.  She presents well, so people don't realize it.  When I give her instructions, I stop to clarify that she understands.  Often she doesn't. 

She called a little while ago.  The Home Manager is trying to get her medications ready for our trip.  She was trying to figure out how many test strips Daughter would need.  She asked Daughter when she would be back, and asked Daughter to call me to clarify.  Daughter called, and she was scared.  She heard "there aren't enough test strips and they are too expensive and you can't have more."  She couldn't explain it to me, she asked me to talk to HM.  HM said Daughter was distorting things and she hadn't said anything about test strips being expensive.  I explained Daughter's receptive language skills are low.  I don't think she believed me. 

I think HM is overwhelmed right now.  She wants to take Daughter to her doctor's appointments without me.  I told her we can both be there, and that is fine and good.  I manage her insulin (I adjust within a doctor approved range), and I am her mother, and I will be at any appointments that I can attend.  She seems very defensive.  I'm not trying to criticize.  I don't expect perfection.  I know Daughter is challenging as vacation approaches.  Her anxiety level goes up and along with it her volatility.  I get it.  I hope they enjoy the 3 week break they will get. 

Just don't accuse Daughter of intentionally distorting things when she doesn't understand and is afraid.  After I talked to the HM, I assured Daughter it would be fine.  "I'm scared.  What if I have a low?  What if I don't have enough strips?"  I told her we'd get more strips if we needed to to.  "How?"  I told her we could buy some if she ran out.  She was genuinely scared.  She was seeking clarity when she was confused.  Her receptive language skills are at a three year old level.  Don't blame her for that. 

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