Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Conversation with Daughter

We live near a mall.  There has been an empty anchor store at one end of the mall for a number of years.  They have decided to tear it down and build a movie theater in that area.  When we drove by it today, the work had begun, and the middle portion of the empty store was a pile of rubble.  I expressed surprise, and pointed it out to Daughter. 

"Now Program won't be able to go the mall and walk."

"Yes they will.  It won't effect mall walking."

"They walk through the entire mall."

"This store has been empty and was blocked off from the mall."

"But they go in every store."

"This store was empty-- there wasn't anything in it."

"It's stupid to have an empty store in the mall!  They should tear it down!"

"Exactly.  That's why they are doing it."

"They should tear down the whole mall!" 


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