Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Psychiatrist and Back to Work

Before Christmas we had to reduce Daughter's lithium because the blood levels had gotten too high.  I was concerned, but soon set my concerns aside because she was doing well.  Today we saw Psychiatrist.  She confessed that she had been worried about how the reduction in her lithium would affect Daughter over the holidays.  She feared she was setting us up for holiday hell.  She was delighted to hear Daughter had done so well.  Daughter was pleased, too.   I felt bad because I had forgotten  was supposed to get her lithium level tested last week.  I took her in this morning, and was delighted to find that they were able to call and get the results before the appointment.  Her lithium level is fine. 

Today was my first day back in the office.  The treasurer and I were both walking around smiling.  We had been behind on pledges all year, but ended the year with people overpaying their pledges.   We started the year with a deficit budget, but income exceeded expectations and expenses were less than budgeted, with the result that we will have money to divide between capital improvements and mission.  I alerted the property guys to this, and they going to explore painting and carpeting for the sanctuary.  It is much needed, since nothing has been done since it was built 30 years ago. 

Treasurer was talking about what a great job I'm doing.  I told him I'm simply managing to stay out of God's way.  I'm grateful. 

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