Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ducking the Fight

Daughter wanted lunch at a fast food Italian place yesterday.  We had some errands to run, and I thought eating out was a good idea.  We stopped by the church (where Administrative Assistant put out the closed sign when she saw me coming), and then were heading to lunch.  As we got in the car to leave the church, Daughter announced she was having the biggest meal available.  I said no, as we were having a late lunch and would be having a big supper with Sister Best Friend and her husband.  Daughter then said, "Okay, then I get bread sticks and cheese cake."

I said, "Okay, then we'll eat at the Coney Island.  You can have a sandwich."  There were tears, but she recovered quickly.  She was super helpful at home.  She cleaned the kitchen after we ate supper.  She is so much happier at home these days.  I'm going to see a new house on Monday.  Hopefully that will be a good placement for her.  I still haven't heard from the house that Case Manager likes so much, even though she has twice asked the owner to contact me.  I think that one is a no-go. 

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