Friday, January 18, 2013

Complaint Filed

I filed a complaint with the state licensing board this afternoon.  I was able to do it online.  I listed 3 concerns:  diet and failure to count her carbs and provide appropriate nutrition; multiple medication issues and falsifying records; and neglect in their failure to provide appropriate care to two older women.  Daughter has expressed concerns about the lack of appropriate care for these two women.  She has personally helped one get dressed when all staff would do was yell at her. 

Daughter tried to convince me she should be here tonight and then she could clean the house and fix supper for me when I'm in my meeting tomorrow.  I wonder if she really thought I'd leave her here alone for 7 hours....

Case Manager gave me contact information about a third house today-- it's within a couple of miles of here.  In fact, when I was house shopping my second choice was on that street.  I'll be checking the houses out next week. 

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