Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I had one of my overnight retreats with a group of colleagues last night and this morning.  As usual, it was a wonderful opportunity to get away and catch my breath.  I was up too late, and didn't sleep very well in my hot room, but it was worth it.  It gave me some direction for my personal retreat this Sunday. 

I jumped back into things when I got back to the church.  We had our winter party with the kids we mentor at the local elementary school.  I was the story teller.  I read the story and begin diagnosing what I see in the kids.  I'm sure the one girl has Fetal Alcohol issues. 

This evening I will be teaching a class.  I thought it would be easy, but even with the leader's guide, this one took a great deal of preparation.  I'm grateful I'm not preaching this Sunday.

Daughter continues to insist I get her out of the house.  She wants to come back to live with me.  I have contact information for two different homes I'm going to check out.  Hopefully one will be a good match for Daughter. 

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