Sunday, January 20, 2013


Daughter now has to use the agency pharmacy, since they will put her prescription meds on cards in blister packs.  Since the shift, they have yet to get the billing right for her prescriptions.  She has my insurance (until she turns 26 in March) and Medicaid.  When I was getting her prescriptions, there were always occasional mistakes.  Pharmacy techs would forget to bill medicaid, and they would try to charge a huge co-pay.  I'd point out she also had medicaid, and then wait while they rebilled the prescription. 

The agency pharmacy keeps sending me huge bills.  I call, the person in billing looks at the account, tells me there has been a mistake and she will fix it and I don't need to pay it.  The next month I get a bill that hasn't been fixed and has grown with the current month's prescriptions. 

Last month Daughter's nurse talked to the pharmacist at the agency about it.  He said there had been mistakes in billing, but they were fixing it and the bill wasn't really that big.  Yesterday I got another bill.  Yup, it was bigger than last month's.  It's over $2,000 now.  To say I am frustrated would be an understatement.  I think this time I'm going to write a letter.  I will put my frustrations in writing and ask for a response and explanation in writing.  This has become a major annoyance.

This week I will begin the process of checking out new homes for Daughter.  Then there will be the visits, the meetings, the paperwork, and we'll hope that this home gets it right.  This is more than an annoyance, because it involves Daughter's health and safety. 

All of these things take time and energy, time and energy I would much rather spend following through on things we talked about at our retreat yesterday.  Our leaders are great.  They have told me to take the time I need to get things straightened around for Daughter.  When I find her a new home, they will hook the trailer up to one of their trucks and move her belongings to her new home. 

Two families provided transportation for her today.  One of the houses I'm going to look at is only a couple of miles from here.  At lunch yesterday they were joking that Daughter would be able to walk to my house.  I told them that anyone who taught her the way would be in big trouble.  They thought that was funny.

Many of them have commented on how much Daughter has matured in the last year.  One told me on Friday, "She has grown into a fine young lady."  I'm glad that is how she presents herself to the world, and I'm proud.  I guess it makes it worth all the annoyances....

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