Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today in the office we were juggling a number of things: 

  • This Sunday's worship
  • Adding an additional copyright license
  • Making plans for the board retreat and ordering needed books
  • Year end financial reporting
  • Payroll, which was due yesterday but can't be done until we get the payroll update from our software company (we're telling staff we're still climbing back up from the fiscal cliff)
  • Remembering how to do something in PowerPoint
  • Determining agenda items for Monday night's meeting
  • Thinking about plans for Lent
  • Working on calendar
  • Discussing the reorganization of one of the boards
  • Strategizing on who can lead various committees
  • Convincing one of the computers to communicate with the printer
  • Making plans for the winter party for our mentoring program
  • Scheduling the work flow for the next few weeks
  • Working on the master calendar for the year
  • Strategizing on how to equip lay people to do some basic pastoral care
I told Administrative Assistant that I appreciated her good humor as we keep pulling her in a thousand different directions.  The good thing is, she likes days like this almost as much as I do.  When we go home after a day like today, we feel good about all that we are accomplishing.  It's nice. 

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