Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Investigation

I received a call from the state licensing division today about my complaint.  They will be investigating Daughter's group home.  I made some calls to new homes.  I will visit one on Monday.  The other would I eliminated.  They are new, and will have both men and women living there.  Daughter needs an all female home. 

She has a mouth full of cavities, and they are going to begin filling them tomorrow.  She was not thrilled when I explained what they would be doing.  I wasn't very sympathetic, and reminded her this is why I'm always bugging her to brush her teeth. 

It was a busy day in the office.  Our mentoring program is not going as smoothly as we'd like this year.  The director is getting frustrated and tired.  We will be having additional conversations at another time.  Today time was limited. 

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