Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Improvements

I've ordered new flooring for my kitchen, so today I painted the hall to the garage.  It's a short hall with three doors:  one to the half bath/laundry room, one to the basement, and one to the garage.  It gets a lot of traffic, and the walls were pretty beat up.  I painted them with semi-gloss so they will be easier to keep clean.  I also watched the inauguration. 

It has been a good weekend.  An excellent board retreat.  A day to reflect on it, and then today an opportunity to complete a project at home.  I think I'm ready to jump back in tomorrow. 

Daughter has called several times, but she hasn't asked me to come get her, for which I'm grateful.  Of course, the fact that it has been a cold, snowy day may have had some thing to do with it.  Daughter was cute when she called me this morning.  She wanted to make sure I knew that President Obama was going to be on TV today.  She has been very excited about him.  It's been good for her to see someone who looks like her as president. 

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