Friday, January 25, 2013

Call Me One Proud Mama

I am a proud mama today.  Several people have now come to me to describe what happened in worship last week while I was home on my personal retreat.  The pianist had requested prayers for her daughter, as she had entered the hospital that morning with pregnancy complications and babies threatening to be born too soon.  She also asked for prayers for herself to make it through the service as she worried about her daughters and longed to be with her. 

During the final hymn, she was crying as she played.  Daughter left her seat and went over to the piano and stood behind her, putting her hands on the pianist's shoulders to support her as she played.  Several people have told me about it  now, and they've had tears in their eyes as they described it.  One said that upon seeing it she stood their crying, unable to sing.  The man who was telling me about it last night said he stopped singing to stand there and watch, and he loves to sing. 

I am so proud of Daughter and her compassion for the pianist.  As several people have told me lately, she is maturing into a fine young woman.  I'm also grateful to be serving in a congregation that recognizes and celebrates her growth with me. 

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Marge said...

I wasn't even there and I'm sobbibg. You should be a proud mama!