Monday, September 28, 2009


Far Away Sister and I understand why Sister and Brother have been so hesitant about hospice. They are unlikely to ever understand why we have been so supportive of it. This delay until ultimately Doctor recommended it means there will not be a wedge between us because they think we killed Dad. We are angry, but we can direct our anger at Doctor, so there will not be a wedge between us from our anger. As much as the timing has frustrated us, it may, eventually, enable us to continue as a supportive family without wedges between us.
Dad has not been lucid since his visitors this morning. The paperwork has been completed to put Dad on hospice. According to Brother, he will stay in the hospital until he is stable and then go back to the nursing home. Of course, Far Away Sister and I are unclear how a dying man can suddenly become stable enough to move.
Now, we will trust in God's timing, and hope that God agrees with us that the best time is soon.

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