Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Empty Time

We have arrived at our motel, a Re.sidence In.n. It's much nicer than where we usually stay, and it's nice to have a kitchen. What's strange is the empty time we have now. Normally we'd be visiting with Dad right now, so it's weird to be here in in the motel without much to do. In half an hour there will be food downstairs, and we'll go down and get some supper.
It was a long drive up. I had to stop a couple of times to use a restroom, and we hit a major traffic back-up that had traffic down from three lanes to the shoulder around an accident. We met with the pastor, and things are set for the memorial service Saturday morning.
Far Away Sister and her family arrive tomorrow (on two separate flights). They are staying at this motel, which is why I decided to come here. I wanted to be close to family. We have to clean out Dad's apartment. Sister won't commit to a time until she can get an appointment to get her hair done. That's fine. I reminded her that Sunday, everyone leaves and she and Brother will have to deal with it on their own.
For now, it feels weird to be here and not be with family. I'm not accustomed to having empty time when I'm here.

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