Friday, September 25, 2009

They Don't Get It

Yesterday evening I got a message from Brother. He had been visiting Dad and talking about an event coming up at the end of October. Dad thought it sounded like fun so Brother told him he'd take him. He hoped it wouldn't do him too much harm to eat unhealthy food there. He then posted on his facebook page that Dad had chosen the event over hospice.
A couple of hours ago Far Away Sister got a phone call from Administrator at Dad's home. Dad couldn't stay awake, he had two more bed sores, his body is breaking down, and he'd have to go to the hospital since he wasn't on hospice. He couldn't stay awake while she checked his blood pressure.
Brother was on his way to visit Dad, so Far Away Sister called him to tell him what was happening. He's in the hospital ER with Dad now. He said Dad was feeling okay but couldn't catch his breath. The ER doctor said they'd get a cardiologist in to see him and try to get some of the fluid off of him. They've been trying to get the fluid off of him for over a month. Brother and Sister seem to think he'll get out of the hospital feeling better. Far Away Sister and I are looking at travel plans for a memorial service next weekend.
I want Dad's suffering to end, and I am concerned that Dad's death will hit Brother and Sister hard. Sister told Far Away Sister that Dad isn't ready for hospice, he doesn't need it yet. She told her that as Dad was on his way to the hospital. They just don't get it....

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