Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Snippets

One day we were out hiking.  Daughter was ahead of me, as she often is.  I heard a thud followed by crying.  I rushed to her, and found her laying on the ground, complaining about her wrist.  I could see some redness, and it looked funny.  Since I fell and broke my arm, I'm paranoid about falls.  So I began pondering taking her to the urgent care center I've had to take her to before.  I helped her up, and we returned to the car.  When we got there, she took her cap off and proceeded to undo her bun and lower it to make it easier for the cap to fit on.  She was using both hands and showing no sign of any pain.  I decided we didn't need to go to urgent care.  On the way back, she told me she was in so much pain, she felt like the bone was poking through her skin.  I told her to cut the drama, but since she was so badly injured, we were done for the day and would go back to the campground.  She was not pleased. 

We had a concert.  It was a classic rock band.  We were sitting, waiting for it to begin, when Daughter turned to me.  "I'm tired.  I need to go to bed.  I can't stay for this." 

"We aren't leaving."

She proceeded to pout for the next 5 minutes.  Then the concert began, and she was on her feet, dancing.  So much for being too tired for the concert.

I had my first pedicure-- complete with lotion and foot massage.  I found it very relaxing.  I think it may become one of our vacation traditions....


Anonymous said...

she sure loves to push your buttons. you should read "never a dull moment" blog from claudia.

Reverend Mom said...

Yes, she does. I'm getting much better and not reacting, but she keeps trying. I do read Claudia's blog.