Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Daughter sent me a text this afternoon, telling me she was tired of being abused and disrespected and I needed to pull her out of her house and program immediately.  I replied that I was sorry she had a bad day, and reminded her of her coping skills.  She was not satisfied.  I told her we'd talk.

She called when she got home.  One of the other people at her program hit her and called her the N-word.  Because of this incident as she was leaving, she wanted to leave the program because she's not safe.  I tried reasoning with her without luck.  Finally I asked if she'd gotten some DVD's at the library today.  That was the right question.  She then told me about all of the movies she had checked out, the abuse totally forgotten. 

I reminded her that her Home Owner would take her to the doctor tomorrow and I'd meet them there.  She was happy when we finished the call.  She really does live in the moment.  Seeing the big picture is very hard for her. 

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