Sunday, July 28, 2013

Staff Issues

There are two live-in staff members at Daughter's house, and they alternate weekends off.  Last week the main staff member did not return.  Home Owner said she wasn't feeling well.  So, there were substitutes this weekend.

Friday evening Daughter called.  Supper was ready and everyone else had eaten.  Another person was supposed to come in and do meds, but she hadn't arrived, and didn't answer her phone.  Daughter wanted to eat.  I told her to text HO.  She did.  HO called, and Daughter got to eat. 

Saturday morning I started getting calls complaining about the staff.  She was yelling at the girls and cursing.  She was demanding Daughter help her.  Saturday afternoon she was fired.  They didn't have any toilet paper in the house all day Saturday. 

Daughter said HO is on a mini-vacation.  If she's been getting reports about what's happening at the house, it can't be very relaxing....

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