Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Amazing Administrative Assistant

I cleaned out my pantry today, and took quite a bit of food to the church for Administrative Assistant.  I was on my way to see my nutritionist.  When I walked in, she informed me that Daughter had just called her.  She was out with Home Owner, and the van had broken down in the southern part of the city.  AA was preparing to go pick her up.  Today was Daughter's day to volunteer in the church office, and HO was going to drop her off there after her appointment with the dentist. 

After I finished with the nutritionist, I went back to the church and picked Daughter up.  AA has had volunteers in helping her do some cleaning and organizing in the office.  I'm impressed with what they've done.  When I arrived, AA only worked half a day during the summer.  Since I've arrived, she hasn't been able to cut her hours in the summer.  She's been working on stuff for fall.  I'm looking forward to jumping back in next week.  I feel like I'm behind on fall planning....

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