Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home and Frustrated

We got home this afternoon.  Most of the camping gear has been put away.  Daughter has been delivered home.  I have picked up my new computer from the church, but haven't decided what I'm going to do about software for it.... 

And I'm frustrated with Daughter's Home Owner.  Daughter will not be returning to the workshop tomorrow.  They say they called to schedule transportation, but that the bus people don't have her on the list, so she can't start back until Monday.  I wish they'd be honest with her-- tell her you forgot to schedule it because you weren't sure when she'd be back. 

Before vacation we had an issue with Daughter's quarterly doctor's appointment.  Shortly after she moved in, I gave HO the orders for Daughter's blood work.  I also told her when the appointment would be.  About a week before the appointment, I emailed her asking her to get Daughter in for the fasting blood work.  I never got a response, so I rescheduled the appointment.  HO claimed I never gave her the orders, and I'm supposed to have them called into the lab.  So I asked the doctor's office to send the order to the lab.  She wanted to take Daughter to the appointment without me.  I said that we could both go, but since I was the one managing Daughter's diabetes, I need to be there.  She didn't respond to that email. 

This evening, Daughter called me.  Staff told her they had a call from the doctor's office and Daughter has an appointment Monday morning.  I looked at my calendar.  I have it scheduled for Wednesday.  Since they called the house, the house must have set the appointment (I tell them to call me).  I knew nothing about this appointment.  I don't know if it replaces Wednesday's appointment, or was scheduled at another time.  I told Daughter they need to check with HO tonight to find out what is going on with it.  She has to have fasting blood work done before Monday if they are keeping the appointment.  I need to know when she has a doctor's appointment.  In addition to being her mother, I am her legal guardian.  I'm frustrated, to say the least. 

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