Monday, July 8, 2013

Daughter's Stress

Daughter has struggled today.  She's in the midst of another round of not liking her hair.  She wants a hair cut like mine, which is short.  My hair is also straight, and hers is not.  I got a hair cut today, and my hair dresser explained to her that short hair would not work well for her-- it would poof.  She needs the weight of longer hair.  Daughter was furious, said I shouldn't let people judge her.  I told her it wasn't judging, it was explaining.  After much drama, she finally told me she's frustrated with the tangles in her hair.  I put lotion on it for her this evening, and that helped. 

She is very concerned about our camping trip.  She's afraid I'm going to do something that will damage my arm.  I've reassured her, but I don't think she's buying it.  I'm a little concerned, too.  The reality is my arm isn't up to any lifting right now.  I'm taking my splint with me, and will wear it if my wrist starts bothering me.  It not only provides good support, it is a reminder not to do too much.

When she wasn't stressing out, Daughter was helpful today.  I'm grateful.  She's also getting better at telling me what's bothering her.

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Corinn said...

Has she ever considered locs? It takes a little work to get them going, but they're overall awesome; the only thing lower-maintenance is shaving her head. AND she could have short hair if she wanted, if Google Image Search is any indication.

I'd like to go into detail, but unfortunately I'm not black and thus a bit clueless. :D Just take her to a specialty hair salon... and bring some books.