Thursday, February 27, 2014

Being Responsible

Daughter promised me she'd work hard at the church office today.  I always take that promise with a grain of salt.  Today, however, she was quite impressive.  She started by putting address labels on the envelopes for the March birthday cards and putting the date they needed to be mailed in the top right hand corner.  When she finished that she started on 2 weeks worth of filing without any prompts from us.  Administrative Assistant and I were both impressed.  When she finished that, she turned to us and said, "What's next?"  Usually she asks if she's done and go get her entertainment.  We gave her 50 leaves to cut out.  She spent the next several hours cutting them out, and never once complained. I'm sure her hand was sore by the time she was done.  We were very impressed.   She came in and got to work, and was working so quietly and diligently it was easy to forget she was even there.  When I think back to how hard it was to get her to do any office work 3 years ago, and how she seemed unable to stick with a job to completion, I'm very impressed with the progress she has made.  Her help in the office really does make a difference. 

I took her out to supper, and then we stopped by the house briefly.  I dropped her back off at the church for choir, and Administrative Assistant took her home following choir.

We had a very productive week in the office, which was nice.  We didn't have as many people dropping in, and Treasurer is on vacation some place warm and sunny.  We figure the property guys were avoiding the church today because they didn't want to be the one to clear the walks of the new snow.  We enjoy the drop-ins, but they are a distraction and it does slow down our work.

This afternoon AA and I were both working on graphics.  AA was designing the bulletin cover for Lent, and I was working on images to go with my Ash Wednesday meditation.  I told AA she has become our liturgical arts coordinator.  She actually has a background in the arts, which is nice. We were talking about visuals for Lent and Easter today, and looking at various possibilities.  We had talked about the possibility of hanging things from the ceiling, but when we went into the sanctuary to look at the possibilities, we realized that the 3 projectors we have complicate things significantly.  Our use of visuals has been steadily increasing, as has our skill (in my not so humble opinion).  I'm excited about the plans we've made for Lent.   I love being in ministry.

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