Saturday, March 1, 2014

"You Might as Well Give away my Room"

Daughter called  yesterday after her program, and asked what I was doing this weekend.  I told her I'd be doing laundry and cleaning.  She wanted to come help.  I reminded her she couldn't come here, and asked if she remembered why.  "Yes, because I screwed up.  I always screw up.  You might as well give away my room." 

I assured her that I had confidence in her and I knew she would figure out how to take responsibility for her own safety.  She was skeptical.  I'm not going to tell her that I am, too. 

Not having her here is something of a pain.  I'll have to leave here at 7:15 tomorrow morning to pick her up for church, and of course, we're supposed to get snow tonight, so it could be a fun drive.  When I picked her up Thursday, it was in the midst of the heaviest part of that snow-- and the visibility was very poor.  I am so ready for spring....

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