Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Peace and Chaos

There is peace on the Daughter front these days.  The phone calls are fewer, and she seems happy.  It's kind of nice.  I never did hear back from Home Owner about another emergency contact number.  I understand she has new staff in training, so maybe there will no longer be just one staff member at the house.

The church front is not quite as peaceful.  We've had a number of people who have fled winter to places in the south, and the ones who went for shorter trips are beginning to return. They stop by the office, and then they have to catch up with one another. I think spring may come eventually.  I actually can see a bit of grass in my front yard today.  We also have a continuing stream of people passing through as they continue to work on various building problems.  The restoration company is ready to begin putting the building back together, and hopefully will get started on that soon.  Administrative Assistant and I really miss having a kitchen upstairs. 

I let our website coordinator work on my computer for a while today.  Her laptop has died, and one of the computers that was available didn't have new enough software, and the other wouldn't stay on line.  Our retired I-T professional is trying to figure that one out.  The fix he tried today didn't work, but he will figure it out.  We are trying to get members to use our website more, and have posted information about our visioning process there, and invited their feedback. 

I continue to be careful about my priorities.  I slept for over 9 hours last night.  That helped some, but I still tire easily.  Tomorrow will be a long day.  I've decided to skip my breakfast meeting since I will have to be at the church in the evening.  I do think I'm healing, it's just a slow process.  


jwg said...

Where are you? Is everything OK. It's been a long time since you posted.

Reverend Mom said...

Sorry-- posting now.