Monday, March 3, 2014


I received a phone call this morning that Daughter's appointment with Psychiatrist for today had been cancelled.  Daughter handled the change pretty well.  I was relieved.  I continue to be tired and find that I wear out easily.  Yesterday afternoon I took a nap, something I don't normally do on Sundays. 

Lent begins this week, and this year we are planning to work on a new vision during Lent.  The pieces that require coordination are a bit overwhelming, and I tire easily right now as I continue to recover from my most recent surgery.  We had more snow yesterday morning, and attendance suffered as a result.  This winter has been brutal, and it has had a big impact on our attendance.  We are fighting leaks around the building that are the result of ice dams on the roof.  It has taken a toll on everyone.  The property guys are meeting this week, and one of them confessed his plot to escape the meeting early.  He said he didn't want to be around grumpy old men. 

We are all tired and grumpy, and so generating energy and excitement will not be easy.  We also have an unusually large number of our members who are planning trips to the south this month.  I sometimes think I should join them....

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