Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Yesterday and today Daughter did her 30 minutes of exercise without calling to yell at me and tell me she shouldn't have to exercise and it was all my fault.  I had gotten very good at hanging up on her.  At one point she called back to tell me she was never going to talk to me again.  Unfortunately, that only lasted a couple of hours. 

This evening she was concerned because the staff at her house is in her room and not responding and dinner is 90 minutes late.  I've been impressed with the way she has handled the situation.  Of course Home Owner is not answering her phone or responding to Daughter's text messages.  She said the staff member finally responded to Daughter's knock on her door, but she has yet to come out to feed the women.  It is a concern, obviously.  At some point she may have to call 911.

The work began on repairing the water damage today.  They also discovered that the drain line for the sump pump was frozen.  Four of our property guys are vacationing in the south right now.  The property team leader ordered back today to help deal with building issues.  For some reason they didn't immediately head home.  In fact, two of them responded with a picture of them golfing with their wives and the comment that they may never come back. 

We have more snow on the way.  The predictions on the amount of snow we'll get this time range from 2 to 8 inches.  I'm hoping it's closer to 2.  One of the men promised to bring warm weather back with him-- but not until the end of the month. 


Miz Kizzle said...

If the position of property team leader is not a salaried one, and the man is a volunteer, then I can see why he's in no hurry to rush back to the freezing Midwest.

Reverend Mom said...

They are all volunteers-- we are blessed by a number of relatively young and very active retirees. They give a lot of time to the church-- the fellowship is as important to them as the service they do. They often end their activities at the local malt shop.

With another major snowstorm in process, they may never come back. I'd like to join them.