Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings Time

I hate the change to Daylight Savings Time.  It doesn't help that I've been dragging anyway.  My goal was to pick Daughter up at 7:15 this morning so I could be at the church well before my 8:00 meeting.  That didn't work so well.  There was a railroad crossing where the gates were down and the lights flashing and no train in sight.  Some people were going around, but the challenge was that the signal light beyond it was going to be red until the gates went up.  By the time I got Daughter and got around the railroad crossings (there was another one that was also stuck down), I got there at the same time the others were arriving.

Administrative Assistant did an amazing job with the visual displays for Lent.  Some of our folks who have been away were back today, but a number of others are on vacation.  This winter I understand why people head south in the winter.  It's been brutal.  I know that is not helping my lack of energy.  I'm hoping that we are going to begin experiencing more spring weather.  I'm more than ready for spring.  If we had to lose an hour of sleep last night to daylight savings time, then it should be spring. 

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