Thursday, March 13, 2014

Handling Chaos

Tuesday night the staff member at Daughter's house went into her room and stayed there, not responding to Daughter's knocks on her door.  Daughter contacted me about her concerns when their supper was over an hour late.  It took another hour to get Home Owner to respond to her texts and phone calls.  When she did get in touch with Daughter, she immediately headed to the house.  The women were probably without supervision for over 3 hours.  Their supper was 3 hours late, which wasn't good for the two diabetics in the house.  Home Owner was the one who ended up preparing their supper. 

I emailed Home Owner yesterday, asking if she could provide another emergency number to Daughter, since Daughter was unable to reach her for an hour the previous evening.  I cc'd Case Manager.  I've heard absolutely nothing from Home Owner.  Case Manager wanted to know what had happened, and so I called her and filled her in.  She was not happy, and promised to investigate and get back to me.  I haven't heard from her, either. 

This morning I picked up Daughter for her volunteer day in the church office.  They forgot to give her the pills she has to take at supper time, so I dropped her back off at the house before supper, and she missed choir.  In a way, I was relieved, as I'm exhausted.  Daughter told me that Home Owner has been at the house a lot since Tuesday-- spending the night there.  If she's not around, a senior staff member is.  The women were told the staff member was just over tired. 

There has been a great deal of change at the house this week, and while it has bothered Daughter, she has handled it remarkably well.  In fact, I think she handled it better than I handled the chaos at the church, where we have had people in and out all week working on the building.  It's just one more thing that has added to my exhaustion this week.  I told Daughter she couldn't call me until after 8:00 tomorrow morning, as I plan to sleep in. 

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