Monday, March 10, 2014


We are promised several weeks of chaos at the church.  The restoration company was in today to deal with damage caused by last week's ice dam.  They are going to be working in the hall right outside the office.  The kitchen will be deconstructed.  They have to remove the cabinets and open the wall to dry things out.  They will also be working downstairs, so we may have to move some groups that meet down there.  The work will take several weeks.  As the leader of the property guys observed, it's not exactly the best time for this work. 

The property guys are in the process of replacing the workings in all the toilets in the building.  They are trying to get control of our water usage, which has been steadily increasing.  A new retiree told me yesterday he wants to give 8 hours a week to the church during Lent.  He is going to come in and start doing the inventory we need for our disaster plan. 

I still continue to struggle with exhaustion, so I'm not thrilled with the fact that we will have steady stream of people through the church, and some of them will be generating noise and dust.  It will all work out. 

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