Saturday, March 29, 2014

Folk Music

We went to see a folk musician over in the area of the university last night.  The concert was wonderful-- Daughter enjoyed it, and didn't do her usual game of trying to convince me to leave at intermission.  I think Daughter was the youngest one there.  It was interesting to see the crowd-- lots of Priuses, and many of the men had gray beards.  Of course there were some political songs, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  There is a series of these concerts, and I intend to check some more of them out. 

Today has been a kitchen day.  I'm working on food for the freezer.  I've made 14 sandwiches (3 different varieties), and have some pasta sauce simmering.  There aren't many prepared foods I can eat, so I am making my own convenience foods.  Daughter did some house work today, which was nice.  It will be nice not to have to leave at 7 tomorrow morning to pick her up before church. 

Last night she asked me to put away some food and lock it up.  I'm glad she asked me to do it, and sorry she doesn't trust herself to resist eating available food. 

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