Wednesday, February 12, 2014

And Once Again....

I emailed Home Owner yesterday.  I told her Daughter has an appointment with her primary care doctor Friday, and asked if she would be attending, if she wasn't, I wondered if she had any questions or concerns I should raise.  No response.  I included the Case Manager on the email, and she asked HO to respond to me.  No response. 

I will be picking up Daughter this evening, and according to Daughter, staff refused to give her enough test strips to cover her time with me.  Last time we ran out, I let Daughter handle it.  If we run out again, I will be getting involved. 

These issues are wearing me down.  It's been a hard winter anyway, and this stuff just makes it harder.  I hope that at some point I will receive a response.  I continue to struggle with the thought that it might be necessary to move Daughter.  There isn't going to be a perfect placement.  I know that.  I also know that she has to have enough test strips to cover scheduled tests and any lows she might have.  I find myself wondering which meal it is she wants me to guess how much insulin to give her.  Her prescription gives her over 50 extra test strips a month.  I just don't understand why there is this control battle going on over test strips.  The last time I attempted to address it, I finally asked HO to offer suggestions.  She did not respond, of course.  I'm tired. 


Anonymous said...

They REFUSED to give you enough test strips? Can you get them on video next time? They're endangering your daughter's health by their refusal. Tell them it won't look good for them if your DD lands in the hospital because she doesn't have enough strips to test her blood sugar.

Reverend Mom said...

They gave her extras before she came here, fortunately.