Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching Up

I'm back to work, though working a little bit shorter days.  I'm also not doing as many evening activities.  I am still tired.  I am healing well, though, so that is good. 

Daughter has been fighting a mysterious rash.  She sent me a picture Sunday night, and it looked like she might have a small hive on her face.  Monday I got a call from her program.  Staff placed the call, and wanted me to know that the rash was spreading over all her body and she couldn't stop scratching and she had angry red blotches....  She needed to be picked up. 

I called and got her an appointment with the doctor and then went over and picked her up.  I asked her to show me the rash.  She had a few very small bumps on one arm.  All the way to the doctor she was talking and fidgeting, but she never once scratched.  I was quite clear that this could be attention seeking behavior. Without a doctor's order, though, the house can't even put cortisone cream or anything on it.  She was diagnosed with contact dermatitis.  I picked up some cortisone cream and we went back to her old shower gel and shampoo and dropped her off at the house.  Then I took myself out to lunch.  It took 3 hours out of my day, so I was not happy.  Daughter sent me more pictures that evening.  I guess I'm a miracle worker.  In my presence, the rash vanishes.  This morning she proudly informed me that she had put the cream on three times, that way she wouldn't have to it again today.  Whatever. 

I'm beginning to get caught up in the office.  Lent starts next week, which makes this a busy time.  Fortunately, we work ahead, so it hasn't been too bad.  Today I felt like my brain was back in gear, which is wonderful.  I warned Administrative Assistant, though, because when my brain is in gear, things tend to get crazy in the office.  Fortunately we haven't had many people dropping by this week, which really has helped. 

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