Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birthday Realities

I went to the concert last night, and enjoyed it.  A colleague was with her family directly in front of me, so it was nice to see a friend. 

Amazingly, Daughter called to wish me a happy birthday this morning an did not try to convince me to pick her up early.  She was very accepting of the limits I'd placed.  I made a pan of gluten free, dairy free brownies for my birthday cake.  I put most of in the freezer. 

I did go shopping, spending the gift card the congregation gave me for Christmas.  I found some good sales, buying a couple of new pairs of slacks and several sweaters and such.  I was pleased, and still have some money left on the gift card.  I then went to a barbecue place for a late lunch.  I decided against a movie, heading instead to the bigger health food store on the other side of town.  They didn't have two of the items I was seeking, so it was less expensive than usual.  I stopped at the grocery store near the house to pick up some things for Daughter.  Their parking lot has so much snow piled around it that some of the normal paths are blocked. 

When I got home, my friend had been by and widened the cleared area at the bottom of my driveway, and also took care of the snow I had piled along the side of the driveway.  I am grateful.  I have had phone calls from my sisters and brother, which was nice.  I picked up Daughter about 7:00.  She had a card for me.  She tells me she had a good day and she's done with the drama.  I hope that is the case. 

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