Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Tomorrow we are going out for lunch as a staff.  Treasurer's birthday was Sunday, and mine is Saturday, so we'll celebrate both.  I requested an excused absence from the regional church meeting on Saturday, partly because it is my birthday, and partly because I don't want to drive into worst snow.  We have another two more snow storms coming this week, and the city where the meeting is tends to get more snow than we do.

Daughter continues the pathetic act.  Case Manager called today.  I decided that the apartment won't work for Daughter, and will explain that to her.  Staff reports on Daughter's mood are very different from Daughter's reports, so I'm going to go with them for now. 

When I talk to her tomorrow I'll inform her that I'm not buying into the pity act, and let her know that at this point I don't plan to have her around on my birthday-- I'm not going to give her another chance to make me miserable.  She'll be upset and protest, but when she's volunteering in the office Thursday I should have a better opportunity to assess her mood. 

I'm thinking I will go to a movie and take myself out to dinner on Saturday.  I'll work out the details later. 

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