Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Way to Create Drama

So last night I called Daughter on her attempt tendency to create drama around my health issues.  It seemed to stop her-- at least until early this morning.  She came into my bedroom and announced her blood sugar was 31.  Fortunately, it responded quickly to some orange juice.  As I pondered what could have caused this, I had a sinking feeling.  Sure enough, Daughter acknowledged she had taken 10 units of insulin during the night.  She is currently writing me an essay about other ways to handle her stress.  I could take her back, but I need her help around the house getting things cleaned up.  I will be locking up all insulin and meds.  I hate living like this.

Someone suggested last night Daughter could come stay with me after the surgery.  Someone else quickly rejected the idea, and they all acknowledged that would not work well.  We are so blessed to be in this church.  They love and support Daughter, even though they are very much aware of how challenging she can be.  After Daughter goes home tomorrow, I won't have her here for a while.  I will tell her it is too much work to keep her safe when she's with me, so until she can keep herself safe, she won't be coming here to visit. 


Anonymous said...

my unasked for advise is for you to take care of yourself. no more snowshoveling. she will do very nicely and will continue playing games with people. it is what she knows well and if any consequences well they are minor or don't really stick for long. good luck rev.

Reverend Mom said...

There won't be any more snow shoveling. Thanks.