Monday, February 3, 2014

Depressed and Stressed

Daughter called me this morning, and she was crying.  She said she was depressed and stressed.  She called again from her program, saying the same thing.  She claims she's been depressed and stressed for months.  I'm skeptical.  She does not have a good sense of time.  I didn't see any sign of this until yesterday when I took her home.  In fact, she had told me she was not having the sleep issues last week.  Now, she claims she's been having sleep issues for months. 

I've been offering coping suggestions, but am unclear as to how much of this is her need for drama and how much of it is real. 

Of course, my birthday is coming up this Saturday, and she often seems to feel the need to punish me near my birthday.

On a cheerier note, it didn't snow today.  The sun was shining.  It actually got up into the low 20's, which feels warm after the bitter cold we've had.  Of course, more snow is coming.  I'm tired of winter.  Maybe that's what has Daughter feeling stressed and depressed.  

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Anonymous said...

she is still playing you. who will follow you when she wears you out into the ground.
let the care people care for her. she manipulates everyone and continues to get away with it.
stay away for a month, no calls no visits see what happens. you need to think more of yourself. be strong. good luck