Sunday, February 2, 2014


Case Manager was at Daughter's house Friday, and Daughter says she told her that she wants out of that house.  She claims she is stressed and depressed and doesn't want to be there anymore.  Apparently some of the other women tend to get into loud disagreements.  Daughter claims she spends all her time in her room.  She told me CM is going to call me to talk to me about getting Daughter into an apartment with medical support.  I'm skeptical, to say the least.  I don't see how Daughter can be trusted in a more independent living situation when she is still getting into food regularly. 

Daughter did not want to go back to the house today.  I took her with me shopping following worship-- we stopped at three different stores, and then I took her home. I dread the thought of moving her again.  There isn't going to be a perfect place.  She talks about how this isn't how she wanted her life to turn out.  It wasn't what I hoped for, either.  It's hard to let go of dreams. 

It was another low attendance Sunday due to the weather.  Without traction control, I would have gotten stuck several times on my way to church this morning.  The lot had not been plowed when I arrived, and when the plow arrived and I needed to move my car, I had to do some rocking a couple of times to get the car to move.  When I walked into the office at 7:30, an older woman called.  "Has the parking lot been plowed?"

"It's getting plowed right now."

"Oh, good.  How are the roads?"

"Not good.  I suggest you stay home."

She agreed, and thanked me for being concerned about their safety.   

After worship, I complimented a woman on her hair-- which has a bright new color.  She thanked me, and then told me Daughter had told her last week she shouldn't have done it.  I was embarrassed, but then remembered this woman works with developmentally handicapped teenagers in the school-- she is used to their lack of filters.  Fortunately, she was amused by it.  I was surprised Daughter spoke to her-- I didn't realize she had a relationship with this woman, who is one of our newer members.

Our computer guru got the computer working yesterday, but couldn't get it started today.  We loaded the slides onto his laptop, but it put a weird noise at the end of my video.  We ended up putting it all on my laptop, but couldn't get the remote to load on my computer.  I ended up pointing at the sound desk whenever I needed my slides changed. 

We had some people complaining before worship about the items in the coat room.  I ended up announcing that we had issues with the water heater and the computer.  We have an aging building, and maintenance is becoming an ongoing issue.  I realized when I got home that I was more tired than usual-- the computer problems were stressful.  Our computer guru took the tower home.  He's going to see if replacing the power switch will solve the problem.  He's also going to begin exploring how best to replace it. 

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