Friday, November 30, 2012

The Next Challenge

Yesterday Daughter had an appointment with Psychiatrist.  She'd stayed up until 3:00 cleaning and organizing her room, and then was up again at 5:00.  At 6:00 she began sending me pictures of her clean room (it does look good).  Case Manager had seen her the previous day, and Daughter had been a bit ugly.  Case Manager got on her about her attitude, and Daughter got mad.  Of course, Daughter called me and told me it was  a good visit.  CM said the same things I would say to her. I told CM that she set limits, which Daughter liked because it makes her feel safe. 

Anyway, Psychiatrist increase the anti psychotic again.  The big news came when CM said she needed to talk to me following the appointment.  She wants to move Daughter.  She said she doesn't see improvement and can't guarantee Daughter's safety in the current home.  While she was there, they gave her 39 grams of carb for supper instead of 60.  Her blood sugars have been ranging from 90 to well over 200.  They aren't always giving her all her meds.  They only got her her flu shot because I nagged (several times), and because she could get in the pharmacy while she was in the building to see Psychiatrist. 

There are other things going on, as well.  Daughter claimed she hadn't been able to sleep all week.  They supposedly do bed checks every 2 hours, but they had no idea if she was sleeping or not.  It's possible that her mania is a result of missing meds. 

I hate the thought of moving her.  I don't know who has a harder time with change, Daughter or me.  CM gave me information about a new home that is just for women that she thinks is very well run.  The owner is an attorney, and this is her third home.  The downside would be that she would be the youngest and the highest functioning resident at this point.  I'm going to call and go visit.  We won't talk to Daughter about it until after Christmas.  I did make sure she will continue with the current CM if she moves.  She needs someone who is willing to get on her and hold her accountable.  She needs someone who will be looking out for her best interests.  It sounds like CM is looking to begin moving the other women as well.  She is discouraging placements at this home.  I did get an email from the regional manager today saying she is resigning.  I find myself hoping that a miracle will take place and that the new person will have a magic wand to fix the place.  I'm an optimist. 

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