Saturday, November 3, 2012

No, you can't suddenly decide you want to help in the concession stand for the football game 18 hours before the game begins. 

No, you can't take the money you've been saving for months to redo your room and use it to get your hair done. 

Daughter is back to making requests that she knows I will turn down.  She does this every so often just to prove how unreasonable I am.  I've been known to challenge her to see how many things she can ask that will cause me to say no.

Today I'm working at the concession stand for the football game.  She would not be able to handle it-- too crowded, too much pressure, too long.  Next week I'll be spending all day Saturday at a craft show at the church.  She wants to hang out with me.  It could be a very long day.  Very long....


Anonymous said...

still manipulating you over and over.

Reverend Mom said...

She's still trying-- she's not succeeding.