Friday, November 2, 2012

How Much Insulin?

Daughter is doing cooking classes at her program.  The woman teaching the classes means well, but is not very bright.  So today they called me.  They're making omelets and pancakes today.  How many pancakes can Daughter have?  How much insulin does she need.  I explained that it all depended on how big the pancakes were, and I couldn't tell them without seeing the pancakes.  I explained this several times.  I said they needed to read the nutrition information on the mix box and measure things out to determine the carbs.  I explained that she needed to divide the total carbs by 15 to figure out her insulin.  I explained that I couldn't tell them how much insulin because I didn't know how big the pancakes were, and there was a huge difference in the number of carbs between a silver dollar size pancake and a plate size pancake.  I explained it in several different ways.  The staff member's final question:  "So how much insulin does she need 1 or 2 pancakes?"  Sigh. 

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