Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I Need a Sippy Cup

For years, I have kept water handy on my nightstand for times when I woke up thirsty during the night. I began this practice when some medication I was taking made my mouth especially dry. One night about 12 years ago I woke up dreaming that it was raining and the roof was leaking. I quickly determined that it wasn't raining, the roof wasn't leaking, but I was feeling drops of water on my face. Cat was sitting on the nightstand, dipping his paw into the mug, and then splashing me with the water. He's very lucky I don't move quickly when I'm half asleep!
I then began using a reusable water bottle, and quickly grew to love it. I carry my water bottle with me every place I go. This past week, I have begun making iced tea, and have been drinking quite a bit of it in the morning. I was using a regular glass for my iced tea. Yesterday morning, I knocked it over, spilling it into my laptop computer. I quickly turned the computer over and mopped up the mess, rescuing various important tables and an expensive commentary from the tea (which fortunately was not sweetened).
Yesterday evening I returned to my laptop and was delighted to discover that it seemed to be working well. At least, it was until I tried to type the letter r. I had no concept how important that particular letter is until it wouldn't work. Not only did the letter not appear on my screen, but it somehow told internet explorer to open a new window. By the time I figured out what was going on, my computer was very slow and I had 18 internet explorers open, each with two tabs.
I am hoping that when it dries out completely, the letter r will remember its function. I don't think I can learn to write without the letter r. My iced tea is now safely ensconced in a sippy cup. I think I may just donate all of our glasses-- or maybe just keep a few for guests. It's obvious I'm not coordinated enough to use one without making a mess.

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