Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Belly Laugh

Daughter had an appointment in Big City over 100 miles from here this afternoon. As we were coming home, I got a report from Sister about Mom. There was a mix-up today, and the Aide didn't get over to assisted living to get her up and feed her breakfast until 10:00. Daughter heard me talking and was furious.
"That person needs to be replaced! They could find her dead in her bed!"
"From sleeping in until 10:00?"
"Without any food? Yes! She could have died!"
"How many Saturdays have you stayed in bed until after 10:00 with no food?"
"But Mom, that's on Saturday! Today's Wednesday!"
I burst out laughing. "Wednesdays are different from Saturdays?"
Fortunately, Daughter was in a good mood and able to laugh at herself. We spent the next several minutes laughing. I thanked her, telling I hadn't laughed that hard in years! Even now, I smile at the memory....


TobyBo said...

I intend to sleep in till 10 Saturday and can only hope I do not starve to death.

Reverend Mom said...

Did you survive?? ;}