Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Somehow My Brain Works"

Daughter just said those words to me. She volunteered to clean the kitchen today to earn some money. She is also organizing several storage areas in the kitchen (that need organizing because she has been dumping or hiding things she didn't want to deal with in those particular places.) She has worked diligently, and has been receptive suggestions and corrections I have offered.
She has asked for help (appropriately). She has taken pride in her work. She has asked if we can go to town to buy a new dress (the workshop is sponsoring a dance tomorrow afternoon-- in the gym where one of the local high schools has their prom tonight). She accepted my suggestion of where to begin her shopping.
In short, she has been cooperative and pleasant. She recognizes that this is an improvement, and that she is thinking more clearly and acting more rationally. I am grateful to Psychiatrist and the modern pharmaceutical industry. I am even willing to make the journey to town to shop for a new dress for her dance tomorrow with New Guy. I wonder if this romance will last beyond the dance....

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