Monday, May 4, 2009

New Guy

The romance survived the dance yesterday, and today he asked her to join him at the reservoir where he and a friend are planning to go out fishing in a boat. Being the mean mother that I am, I told her she wasn't getting in a boat without a life jacket.
While the string of romances hasn't dampened Daughter's enthusiasm for each new boyfriend who comes through her life, it has made me more wary. This particular guy lives on his own in an apartment. He's a little younger than Daughter, and he doesn't drive. I'm not sure how he has been managing on his own, or what the family circumstances were that led him to get out on his own. Apparently he isn't able to hold down a job in the community, since he is at the sheltered workshop with Daughter.
NG and Daughter spend quite a bit of time on the phone, and I think I overheard portions of one rather heated conversation. There has also been laughter. I was rather noncommittal about whether I would drive Daughter the 12 miles to the reservoir so she could hang out with NG tonight. She thought she could jog while he was out fishing. It doesn't sound like fun to me, but then I'm old.
I'm hoping that his plans for the evening will fall through, and I won't have to decide whether or not to drive her to the reservoir. There are certain disadvantages to a working brain-- she now is more social and wants to get out and do more.

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