Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Good Part about Being Slightly Manic

Daughter has had an interesting few days. There have been some very challenging ones, but there have also been some good things. This morning she woke up and announced she was going to clean my study. I immediately volunteered to work with her. It was in desperate need of a good cleaning and I hadn't been able to work at my desk in a couple of months. The thought of working together on it was very appealing. Nope. She wanted to do it alone. She'd sort the papers into piles, and then I could deal with them.
I was upstairs on the computer, and heard her singing. I figured she was in her bedroom and had forgotten about my study. Wrong! I came downstairs, and not only did she have the very large desk surface empty, she had the glass top off and was cleaning under it! I am now on the computer at my clean desk! I still have a few more things to sort through, but I've even done most of the sorting! She found some important papers that had gone missing along the way. I'm very impressed.
Tonight we are going to a concert. Part of what motivated her to clear off my desk was that I wasn't sure what had happened to the tickets. We found them. I'm once again resolving (for the 1,278,432nd time) to be more organized and not let papers pile up on my desk.


Pastor Joelle said...

Welcome to the RevGalBlog Pals. I have a 21 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome. Been a rough road - he's living on campus at a community college ...doing very well but it's still not a sure thing if he'll be able to work and live independently.

MaineCelt said...

Welcome to RevGals from me, too. I have an adopted sister with Landau-Kleffner syndrome (a seizure disorder). She is nonverbal and has some autism-spectrum behaviors, but can be a sweet, funny person and an incredible poet when the support and assistive technology is there...

I was her primary caregiver for three years before I left for seminary. The decision to leave was a very difficult one. In my short perusal of your blog I find so much that is so achingly familiar!

May you continue to be blessed with laughter in the midst of all the outrageousness. And may you feel warmly embraced by all of us RevGals!

revkjarla said...

welcome to revgals and thank you for sharing your blog, your thoughts, your life. I look forward to reading more...

mompriest said...

Good morning! I introduced your blog to the RevGals this morning. So welcome to our community.

Over at revgals this morning you will find some interview questions - a way for you to get to know us (well, humorous way) and for us to know you.

Also, a good way to join the group it to play the Friday Five, join in on the Saturday preacher party, and read and leave comments on other blogs.

river song said...

Welcome to the RevGals! Today I'm signed in as river song, but as an RGBP I blog at desert spirit's fire and this far by faith; I sometimes host the monthly musical musings, too. As MomPriest suggested, playing and visiting Friday 5 is a great way to get to know others in the community. What an awesome responsbility and privilege you have as a parent to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow her to clean my office? KJK

Reverend Mom said...


Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

It's nice to know that some of you know the challenges/rewards of parenting someone with special needs.


Sure, you can borrow her, with the following stipulations:

1. Understand that she has to be at exactly the right degree of mania. Too little, and she's too overwhelmed to do anything, too much, and she can't focus long enough. (I have no idea how to get her to that degree of mania.)

2. It's helpful to have a powerful motivator-- like missing concert tickets-- buried on the desk.

3. You keep her for two days-- she'll love spending time with her aunt and uncle! And no, I don't guarantee I'll answer the phone if you call...

As a bonus, I'll even provide transportation-- both ways!