Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Melting Down

Daughter is having a bad day. This morning she called, insisting I come get her because the driver was yelling and swearing at her in the van. Daughter insisted she hadn't done anything wrong. I suspect I was hearing just a fraction of the truth. I told her she needed to address the issues with House Manager, not me. Then she texted, demanding a doctor's appointment because she was having melt downs. I was on my way to a post-Easter celebratory lunch (we survived) with Administrative Assistant, and didn't respond. Then she called this evening, furious because program staff didn't call me to tell me she was almost out of snacks, and insisting it was my responsibility, not her house's responsibility. I suggested she calm down and not get so uptight about things. She didn't like that answer for some reason.
I also had a message from the doctor's office. The house has called them about Daughter, and they wanted to talk to me before they responded. I called back and left a message with my cell phone number. I'm not sure I want to know what that's about.
Success is very scary for Daughter, so I suspect that all of the drama is her reaction to her successful weekend. We'll have another conversation when she's with me tomorrow about how she can be happy and successful. It's much easier to handle her drama from 12 miles away. Much easier.

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